About P.C.

P.C. Progeny’s origin is unique.

Unlike many family businesses passed down from generation to generation – father teaching son, who then teaches his son, and so on – this family business was born from the creative mind of a 10-year old boy.

In 2006, Paolo Costantino (P.C.) Cenci came to his father, David Cenci, with a business proposal. This proposal, to design and manufacture of a line of ties and cufflinks was too good to pass up.

Not only would his son soon be a teenager and therefore a request to “partner” with his dad would be less likely, but Paolo’s concept was really good – a bold, distinctive and chic collection of accessories that would combine his own youthful imagination, humor and modernity with his father’s sophistication, integrity and elegance.

This is how P.C. Progeny planted its roots for its always surprising, always fun, always stylish, new type of family business.